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Arches National Park

Written on 18. April 2018 in Blog

“To the Mona Lisa”, Melissa winked at us as we got into the car to Jeff and her. No, we are not in Paris and on the way to the Louvre to see one or the other masterpiece by Leonardo. We are on our way to the Arch...

Bryce Canyon Nationalpark

Written on 11. April 2018 in Blog

They call it Hoodoo, I call it a rock needle with bumps and bulges that sometimes protrudes 20 meters into the air. Since this is difficult to use in a conversation, I now also say Hoodoo ;-). The rock needle – Sor...

Shades of Red – Monument Valley

Written on 27. March 2018 in Blog

Red. Under my feet red, fine sand. That’s how I imagine Mars. It feels like red powder under my hands. A little bit remains on my hands, if I let it slowly trickle to the ground. In front of me is one of them. He r...

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