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Written on 2. May 2018 in Blog

“Sic semper tyrannis”. Alice was four years old and had no idea what the saying meant in big letters on the 18-year-old men’s t-shirt. She could not even see it, because she was on the floor above the stree...


Written on 25. April 2018 in Blog

Honestly, what is there to say about Kansas? Kansas is one of the “fly-over” states for the East and West Coast. This means that the traveler only sees it from the windows of an airplane when flying from east...


Written on 21. April 2018 in Blog

After saying goodbye to Jeff and Melissa, it was time to say goodbye to the canyons and Utah. Our trip would take us next through Colorado to their capital, Denver. Mesa Verde Our first stop was the famous Mesa Verde Nat...

Arches National Park

Written on 18. April 2018 in Blog

“To the Mona Lisa”, Melissa winked at us as we got into the car to Jeff and her. No, we are not in Paris and on the way to the Louvre to see one or the other masterpiece by Leonardo. We are on our way to the Arch...

Salt Lake City

Written on 15. April 2018 in Blog

“Let’s visit Walter,” Nina said next to me as I sipped my wonderful coffee. “Who is Walter?” I said just over the edge of my coffee cup. I did not want to turn my mug off, it tasted so good ...

Bryce Canyon Nationalpark

Written on 11. April 2018 in Blog

They call it Hoodoo, I call it a rock needle with bumps and bulges that sometimes protrudes 20 meters into the air. Since this is difficult to use in a conversation, I now also say Hoodoo ;-). The rock needle – Sor...

Top 7 Things to do in Zion Nationalpark

Written on 9. April 2018 in Blog

I swallowed hard. “Really? That’s the line for the shuttle bus?” I got a resigned nod in response. “But, it’s only half past eight”, I mumbled with hanging shoulders to no one special,...

Las Vegas

Written on 4. April 2018 in Blog

America’s Playground, Sin City, Atomic City or simply Vegas. I personally call her the craziest city in the US (which I know :-)). As i mentioned in the last post, we are in Las Vegas. Vegas the Mecca for players, ...

The violet in sandstone – The Antelope Canyon

Written on 29. March 2018 in Blog

“And now behind me and then into the corner there,” Josh our guide knew where and how to take a picture in the most famous slot canyon in the US, Antelope Canyon in Arizona. The canyon is located on the Utah ...

Shades of Red – Monument Valley

Written on 27. March 2018 in Blog

Red. Under my feet red, fine sand. That’s how I imagine Mars. It feels like red powder under my hands. A little bit remains on my hands, if I let it slowly trickle to the ground. In front of me is one of them. He r...

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