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xmas quiche

A beautiful Christmas Eve ends in the hospital.

Written on 11. April 2019 in Blog

Julian and Laure, a young cute couple celebrated Christmas with us. We cooked in our Airbnb. Braised leg of lamb with vegetables and mashed potato. Also, several salads and as a dessert an Old Viennese apple strudel with...

New Zealand – Arrival

Written on 10. March 2019 in Blog

Hi readers. Sorry :-). And as always, a lot of time has passed since the last entry. A. Lot. Now there is an update from us – from New Zealand. More specifically, we are at the southern tip of the South Island. But...

Top 17 Travel Tips for your Visit to Japan

Written on 5. December 2018 in Asia

Here are our Top 17 Travel Tips for your Visit to Japan. Get a quick overview about do’s and don’ts. Enjoy ✌️ 1. Cash or no cash? – that is the question It is generally claimed that there is no cr...

This is Tokyo – Our Top 8

Written on 4. December 2018 in Asia

Tokyo. The capital, known as Edo before 1868, offers its visitors a seemingly unlimited selection of shopping, entertainment, culture, and restaurants. The city’s history can be explored in districts like Asakusa a...

Welcome to Japan – Our Gateway to Asia

Written on 29. November 2018 in Asia

Japan. The land of the rising sun. Land of the Samurai, the Ninja and the Geishas. The land of the curved temples, the red gates, and of many people. The land of sushi, raw fish and wasabi. In the middle of Mount Fuji, a...

What has happened so far – a new chapter

Written on 27. October 2018 in Blog

We trotted after the crowds. The gangway up to the ferry to Vancouver. 30 kg on the back and a trolley on the arm. A lot of thoughts shot through my head. 8 months, 38 US states, 7 provinces in Canada, a part of Mexico a...

East Coast of Canada

Written on 4. September 2018 in Blog

The “east coast” of Canada is diverse and gigantically large. We crossed New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, took the ferry to the easternmost province of Canada – Newfoundland & Labrador (leaving out Labra...

Newfoundland and what happened so far

Written on 17. July 2018 in Blog

The “nausea” patch has been stuck behind my left ear for 15 hours. We are on our way to Newfoundland. The first 30 minutes of the 7-8 hour crossing, I thought, that the patch was chosen exaggeratedly. Can you...

The White House

Washington D.C.

Written on 28. June 2018 in Blog

Here we are. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C, one of the most famous addresses in the world. We are standing in front of the White House, more precisely on the big, iron fence, which one otherwise only knows fr...

Bears, People and Nina

Written on 19. June 2018 in Blog

The door to the bar was pushed open and a completely dirty and blood-spattered man staggered in. He clung to the wide door with his last strength, staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the bar. His eyes flickered frantic...

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